Fishing Report for April 28, 2016


Current Lake Level – 605.58
as of 9:30AM 4/28/16

Read Lake and Fishing Reports from the Missouri Department of Conservation, South Fork Resort, and Timber Ridge Resort below.


From the
Missouri Department of Conservation
(Reported on 4/26/16)

Information: 660-785-2420
Water Surface Temp: 58º
Water Level (Range): low
Water Type: dingy

Fish Reported:
Catfish: Good
White Bass: Good
Crappie: Slow

Water level is low at 604.86′; the area will be receiving some rain throughout the next week, so levels may rise; temperature is at 63-66 degrees in the arms; temperature will be colder in the main channel; water is dingy but may be turning more murky as the rain comes in; catfish good on cut shad and live bluegill; flathead catfish fair; crappie , try using jigs tipped with minnows or Power Baits on the banks and along bluffs; all other species slow.

From the
South Fork Resort Blog
Update 4/27/16, 5:19 PM

by Ron

Lake level is at 605.3. It is pretty stained from the rain we have gotten recently especially here on the south-west end. Water temps are about 63.

CRAPPIE: They are working at getting ready for the spawn. Males are starting to show up near the bank with females holding out a bit further. I have heard about 10 FOW for the females. This cool wet weather will hold them off a little longer. I look for them to start hot and heavy at any time now. A couple of days of steady warm weather should do the trick. There are people out doing well even now.

CATFISH: There have been some good flatheads taken over the past couple of weeks but not a lot of them. Even the blues seem to have slowed somewhat. Channel cats should bite good now with the recent influx of water into the lake.

BASS: There are a few whites being caught while crappie fishing. We have not heard much about largemouth yet, but then we seldom do.

NOTES: Seems like there are a lot of turkeys around this spring and we have seen quite a few taken. The weather should be good for another good hatch this spring. Also, we are starting our “Baithouse BBQ” this weekend. We will be serving from 5 till 9 on Friday and Saturday nights. Ribs, chicken, pulled pork, and new this year we will be adding burgers to the menu for those that don’t like smoked food. We can also do pizzas. We have started to carry the TJ’s line from St Louis. You can also get a cold beverage at the “Baithouse Bar”. We look forward to seeing you.

From the
Timber Ridge Resort Blog
Reported 4/27/16

Lake level 605.05, water temp 60 degrees at 8 AM Wednesday.
Clarity–stained to dingy
The warm weather and rising water temp, highs above 70 and lows above 60, has spurred the crappie to start the spring spawn process. I think John Wayne once said, “Go West, young man” and that is pretty much the report. The bite started about a week ago in the far west rivers, now seem to be working it’s way east, as usual.  What’s different this year is the …water is clearer there than on the east end, ie. Lick Creek, Dry Fork.  Consequently, the bigger fish seem a little deeper than you might think. 2 to 4 ft deep, on a 3 to 1 sloped bank with some aggregate. Jigs seem to work best, something with white on it, is what they say.
The water shed got anywhere from ½” to 1″ of rain yesterday and about a 20 degree drop in air temp. I’m sure that will have an effect on fishing, but hopefully not for long.
The lake is in great shape, dogwoods are blooming, turkeys are gobbling, even some mushrooms have been found. Spring is a great time at Mark Twain Lake