10/01/15 Fishing Report


Current Lake Level – 603.53
as of 2:30PM 10/01/15


From South Fork Resort
Published 10/01/15

Lake level is 603.6. This is a great time to go out and locate structure that you would normally not see. Mark the location on a map or with your GPS. You can find laydowns and brushpiles that will have plenty of water over them next spring.

CRAPPIE: You have to work hard for them, but some nice fish can be caught. Deep timber and brushpiles should hold fish. The water is starting to cool down and over the next week will cool down a lot. The fishing will improve as it cools and the crappie will move up into the creek arms where they are bound to find loads of shad. The fishing can easily be as good as spring fishing when this happens. Anything with chartreuse on it and tipped with a nibble and/or a minnow will help to entice some bites right now.

BASS: We still here of some good bass being caught. Not great numbers, but some dandy fish. White bass are starting to hit pretty good as well. Roostertails, Mepps spinners, Little Cleos, etc.

CATFISH: There have been some flatheads getting caught recently along with some nice blues.

NOTES: The Indian Creek Halloween Walk is scheduled for Oct 16 and 17. This is an excellent event to bring the kids to.

MORE NOTES: Our annual anniversary party, chili cook-off is scheduled for Oct 31. Call Mary for more details. We will be having a good time as always.