Mark Twain Lake Fishing Report – 4/19/18


Read Lake and Fishing Reports from the Missouri Department of Conservation and South Fork Resort.

From the
Missouri Department of Conservation
(Reported on 4/18/18)

Information: 660-785-2420
Water Surface Temp: 47º
Water Level (Range): normal
Water Type: dingy

Fish Reported:
Blue Catfish: Good

Lake level is at 606.39 (606 is normal) and dropping; water is dingy from recent rain and snow runoff and temperature is cool for this time of year between 45-49 degrees depending on where you are on the lake; blue catfish are good on shad fish; crappie are picking up but are still fair for the time of season; all other species are slow.

From the
South Fork Resort Blog
Update 4/18/18

by Ron

Lake level is 606.5 and steady. Water temp is mid 40’s. Secchi disc readings are 6″ at Southfork ramp, 8″ at Route U ramp, and 9″ at 107 ramp.

CRAPPIE: There are a few crappie being caught shallow on days with some sunshine, but most people that are having success are catching them in about 20-25 FOW. Some days near the bottom and some days near the top, but mostly about 12 feet down. At least I would start there and adjust up or down based on your electronics. Slow is probably the best right now.

CATFISH: Blues and channel cats are starting to bite. We saw a 42# blue this week and heard of a 36# blue caught during a tournament this past weekend. Shad is a good way to go and the 42 was caught on a bullhead.

BASS: No word yet on any catches.

Photo courtesy Daniel & Stephanie McCarty on Facebook