Mark Twain Lake Fishing Report – 4/26/18


Read Lake and Fishing Reports from the Missouri Department of Conservation and South Fork Resort.

From the
Missouri Department of Conservation
(Reported on 4/24/18)

Information: 660-785-2420
Water Surface Temp: 51°
Water Level (Range): normal
Water Type: dingy

Fish Reported:
Catfish: Good

Lake level is at 606.02 ft; water is dingy but clearing up; lake has made it back to normal pool but we are still behind the seasons for temperature; temps are between 49-53 degrees depending on where you are; catfish are good on shad bait; crappie have started biting better but have not moved to the banks yet, most of the crappie are being caught in deeper water; all other species are slow.

From the
South Fork Resort Blog
Update 4/25/18
by Ron

Lake level is 605.9. Water temp is anywhere from upper 40’s to mid 50’s depending on where on the lake you are and especially time of day. Yesterday afternoon people were finding low 60’s after a full day of sunshine. Sechi disc readings are South Fork- 8″, Route U- 10″, 107- 10″. A little bit improved over last week.

CRAPPIE: People are starting to catch some males near the banks, especially on the warm sunny days. Rocky shorelines are a good place to start. Usually if you find the males near shore you can turn around and cast out towards deeper water and find females waiting their turn to come into the bank. Pink seems to be a good color as is black/chartreuse.

BASS: We are hearing of a few largemouth being caught by crappie fishermen near shore. No word on white bass yet.

CATFISH: I have not heard of any flatheads yet but there have been some blues caught.

NOTES: The cleaning station at the 107 ramp is now open. Also, we will be starting our Friday and Saturday nite BBQ next Friday, May 4th.