Mark Twain Lake Fishing Report – 4/28/17


Current Lake Level – 604.99
as of 8:30AM 4/28/17

Current Lake Temperature – 60.12°F
(taken near Cannon Dam)
reported as of 8:00AM 4/28/17

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From the
Missouri Department of Conservation
(Reported on 4/26/17)

Information: 660-785-2420
Water Level (Range): normal
Water Type: dingy

Fish Reported:
Catfish: Good
Largemouth Bass: Good

Water levels are slightly below normal pool at 604.89 ft; we are expecting rain throughout the next week so water levels may be on the rise; temps are between 56-60 degrees depending on where you are on the water; crappie have really turned on in the past week and are biting on minnows, black and green jigs, and red and green jigs; they are moving towards the banks and seem to be around a 4-8 ft depth; catfish are good on cut bait and shad; bass are good on soft plastics, crankbaits, and spinners; all other species are slow.

(Reported on: 4/26/17)

From the
South Fork Resort Blog
Update 4/27/17, 8:32PM

by Ron

Lake level is at 604.9. Water temp is low 60’s. We seem to have missed most of the rain and the cool nights is keeping the water temp down. Water is fairly clear right now.

CRAPPIE: Fishing can go from excellent to fair in short order. With the temps fluctuating so much you will need to find the warmer water in order to find the fishing that are starting to get onto the beds. As usual, we talk to some that can get on them regularly and others that just can’t seem to figure them out. Some days they are on north facing banks and some days they are on south facing banks. Minnows seem to be working good and if you are using jigs chartreuse/brown or pink/black seem to be working well. Find some shallow cover or even just some different rocks on an otherwise boring bank.

CATFISH: There seem to be a lot of 20-30# blues and flatheads getting caught. Shad are still a good bait to use but goldfish are also working.

BASS: I have heard people say they are having better days catching bass than they have had in a long time. Largemouth seem to be hanging pretty close to shore in the same area’s as the crappie. We have heard of some white bass coming in on the lake rather than up the rivers so that bite should start to improve.

NOTES: We will start having food this weekend on Friday and Saturday nights from 5 till 9. Come join us for something to eat and drink.